Green Cremation

Cremation Society of Illinois offers several green options for families to select from during the cremation process.

We offer an eco-friendly cremation container that is crafted by skilled weavers. They are crafted from sustainable materials such as fast growing Bamboo, sea grass and willow. The container linings are made from unbleached natural cotton.

Cremation Society offers a large selection of cremation urns that are made from renewable resources such as Bamboo along with a line that is designed to disintegrate when placed in the earth or water. The biodegradable urns are made from materials such as corn starch, salt, gelatin, and paper. All of our urns constructed out of paper and card board are made from recycled materials. 

Another green option available is a product called Let Your Love Grow. Your loved ones’ cremated remains are placed with a specially designed soil that helps to break down the cremated remains and recycle the nutrients back to the earth.